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Current Status After School Clinics: Commencing again Term 3

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Update 18 August 2020

Motiv8sports events have been modified to comply with the current State government guidelines and restrictions. Motiv8sports is registered as a Covid Safe business and the safety of all members of our community is our highest priority. Should restrictions or ground closures prevent any event from being performed the event will be postponed and you will be notified of your options. If you are unable to attend the newly scheduled event dates a credit in the full amount will be applied to your Motiv8sports account.

Updated 17 June 2020

After School Small Group Training: Commencing within the following guidelines

Returning to play in a safe, hygienic and controlled manner is paramount to Motiv8sports. The safety and wellbeing of our participants is our number one priority. Following the recently revised NSW Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 2) 2020, Motiv8sports endorse a return to Motiv8sports sanctioned small group training in NSW from Friday, May 22, provided franchises, coaches, parents and participants follow the relevant Government guidelines and Motiv8sports Australia Return to Small Group Training Protocols are implemented.

In advance of small group events recommencing we encourage all locations to review the following protocols and undertake an education period to prepare staff for a return to small group training safely. We will continue to work with the NSW Government to ensure alignment with their advice, and in the event of further easing of restrictions, we hope to be able to return to larger sessions and events, with hygiene and safety protocols firmly in place.

Our primary focus is to ensure our franchises and coaches prepare to return to small group sessions in a safe environment that is a carefully managed.

Motiv8sports Australia will continue to follow any direction from government and align with the AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport, to ensure that Motiv8sports events do not compromise the health of individuals or the broader community.

Motiv8sports has implemented stringent training requirements for all business owners, coaches and staff.


  • Motiv8sports strongly recommends that all franchises implement a minimum one-week preparation and education phase to ensure that the necessary preparations prior to Small Group Training.
  • Each franchise must nominate one COVID Safety Officer and, as a minimum, this person must undertake the Australian Government online COVID-19 Infection Control Training prior to recommencement of Motiv8sports activity.
  • It is also compulsory for all Coaches also undertake this training.
  • All participants and coaches are encouraged to download the Government’s COVID-19 tracing app.
  • Protocol Briefings must be held in advance of return to small group training.
  • Motiv8sports as a brand must lead and promote a strong culture of COVID-19 safety for the health and wellbeing of participants and the broader community.


  • Alcohol based hand sanitisers must be available for all team training sessions, with participants encouraged to use prior, during and following training sessions.
  • There is strictly to be no sharing of personal items such as water bottles, food or towels. Personal items need to be easily distinguishable, labelled and kept separate.
  • Players and coaches should avoid spitting or clearing nasal passages at Small Group Training.
  • Avoid high fives, handshakes, or other physical contact.
  • Change rooms should remain closed for training, except to access toilets.
  • All equipment to be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after small Group Training sessions.
  • If you, or people you have been in contact with are sick, please DO NOT attend training and advise your Coach who is responsible for informing the COVID Safety Officer.


  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds – if soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home and seek medical treatment when you are sick.
  • Cover your mouth to cough or sneeze.
  • Any player or participant that has underlying health conditions or is considered a vulnerable person should consult with a healthcare professional prior to returning to Small Group Training.


  • Parents are respectfully asked to kiss and drop to avoid excessive crowd numbers. Parents may watch from a distance or exercise themselves however are not permitted to participate during the session.
  • All equipment will be cleaned before and after sessions in accordance with Government recommendations.
  • Sanitiser will be provided and used before and after each session
  • Social distancing will be implemented and enforced to the best of our ability
  • Group numbers will be limited to comply with all current NSW Government outdoor social gathering restrictions


  • Reducing the spread of COVID-19;
  • Promoting good hygiene practices amongst participants
  • Adhering to and promoting the NSW Government requirements around social distancing and gatherings.


The health, safety and welfare of the Motiv8sports community – our campers, coaches, parents and franchisees is, as always, our highest priority.

We are closely monitoring the situation with respect to COVID-19. It is our belief that any information you, the Motiv8sports community, receive with respect to Covid-19 or any other infectious illness be provided by a reputable source.

We are regularly reviewing updates from the Australian Government, the World Health Organisation and the State based Departments of Education.

The advice and updates are changing quickly, so please find below links to key advice:

Based on the current advice from the Government that group gatherings with limited crowds and participants (500 or less) can proceed until further notice – our recommendation is that Motiv8sports Camps, Clinics and Parties proceed as scheduled.

  • We strongly encourage that strict hygiene protocols are followed as outlined below
  • If anyone associated with a Motiv8sports event is feeling unwell, they should refrain from participating in activities immediately, seek medical advice and where appropriate, advise the Motiv8sports location of their absence
  • Further, any members of the Motiv8sports community who are at high risk from a health perspective should follow the medical advice as per the link above

Recommended hygiene protocols

The protocols outlined below are essential to limit our community’s exposure and prevent the spread of germs, in particular as they relate to COVID‐19. These protocols will be implemented at all Motiv8sports events for the foreseeable future.

General hygiene

  • Washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • If soap and water are not available, using an alcohol‐based hand sanitiser
  • Washing or sanitising hands before eating
  • Avoid touching of eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Staying home and seeking medical treatment for any Motiv8sports community members feeling unwell
  • Covering mouth to cough or sneeze

Motiv8sports event hygiene 

  • COVID-19 or not, communal use of water bottles should be avoided at all times. All campers should be in possession of their own drink bottle, and should not share with any other campers
  • Campers will not be permitted to share drinks, towels, lip balm or sunscreen with others
  • Hand sanitisers will be placed in prominent and visible locations with campers, coaches and staff encouraged to regularly use them
  • Physical contact between campers such as shaking hands, high fives, use of bibs, pre or post-game huddles will be avoided
  • Event staff will regularly wipe down “high-touch” equipment including balls, racquets, paddles, sticks and other equipment used in our sports
  • Parents of younger campers are encouraged to wash campers hands before and after events
  • All coaches and staff will be educated on the importance of thorough hygiene whilst at Motiv8sports events
  • Contact details of parents and students will be maintained should the need for communication be required
  • Physical contact coach to camper will be minimised except for essential instruction and safety needs
  • We will work with other community groups that share facilities, if appropriate, to implement practices consistent with this communication

Future advice  

Motiv8sports is regularly reviewing all available information to monitor any changes in the situation and to consider implementing any further measures. We are also monitoring the situation as it relates to School closures and the impact any closures may have on our scheduled events.

As such, Motiv8sports will develop recommended guidelines around a range of scenarios, in the event our scheduled camps and/or clinics need to be delayed or cancelled.  Further detail around these guidelines will be provided as required.

We will continue to take the advice of the Government and the Departments of Education and will make preparations based on that advice.  And we will continue to review our position and will update the Motiv8sports community accordingly.

The Motiv8sports network of franchisees, coaches and staff are committed, strong and resilient. We understand the importance of Motiv8sports events and the impact they have on the lives of so many of our campers. We will work through whatever challenge is ahead with the sole objective of acting in the best interest of the Motiv8sports community.

Should you require any further information it can be sourced here: https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov



Parents Testimonials

My four children just completed their first ever Motiv8sports Holiday Camp and what a blast they had. Motiv8 has captured the balance of competitiveness, teamwork, comradery, physical activity and energy, creating the perfect recipe for fun!

My kids have not stopped promoting this awesome school holiday experience. Motiv8 have locked in four campers for life! A massive shout out to the amazing team at Motiv8 Macarthur, your energy and leadership coupled with your passion to entertain provided the kids with a memorable experience they will likely never forget!

Daniel M

First time campers 6 & 8 and they absolutely loved it today and can’t wait for tomorrow!!

And to think my daughter cried when I told her I booked a two day camp haha

Thank you to everyone at Motiv8sports, very well run and love the pics you take of the kids enjoying their day

Tracy M

Can’t recommend this programme enough!! fantastic holiday fun, my kids love every minute! All the coaches and leaders do an amazing job keeping the kids entertained and engaged! keep it up motiv8sports we are already counting down till the next one!


My kids had the most AMAZING time and insist on going now every school holidays every single year! The coaches do a fantastic job with the kids and get them excited about sports. Highly recommended to everyone! we will be back!

Emma S

I’ve been through my fair share of holiday camps with my 4 kids and this wins hands down. Ben and the team are a step above the rest. My 6 and 11 year old loved every bit of it. They cannot wait till next one!

Claire K

My incredibly shy daughter (6 years old) attended this 2 day sports camp and loved it. the staff were just AMAZING & it was so well organised. Highly recommend!

Julie P

My 6 & 11 year old sons just attended their first 2 day camp. The camp catered so well for them both. They were happy and exhausted at pick up time, which was just what I wanted! A very professional, organised, fun & well staffed event – we’ll definitely be back for more. Thank you

Cinnamon B

A wonderful, fun and engaging couple of days for my 2 kids! They can’t wait for next school holidays!! The rain didn’t stop any of the activities. Would highly recommend motiv8sports 10/10

Annalise T

I can’t recommend Motiv8sports enough!! It is such an amazing day camps for kids. My son loves every minute and all he talks about is getting his Pro shirt and becoming a leader when he’s older. Such an amazing thing for kids to go too. Thank you guys

Marie J

We have attended a few Motiv8 camps over the last couple of years and couldn’t rate them highly enough! My son loves it and comes home excited, stoked and tired from having so much fun. Such a well run event and worth every cent!

Penny L