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Child protection policy

Motiv8sports is committed to protecting children attending our events and any other children with whom our franchisees, coaches, leaders and staff come into direct contact with. Motiv8sports strives to provide a child safe environment at all times and this policy aims to provide you with certainty about what are acceptable standards of behaviour when working with children. This policy will support all staff to work in a way that supports the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children at all times.

This Policy is to be read with all Motiv8sports policies to form the Child Protection framework.

All franchisees, employees and volunteers of Motiv8sports must abide by this Code of Conduct, which requires them to:

  • Commit to conduct themselves a positive role model to children.
  • Read, understand and comply with organisational policy and guidelines around the safety of children as outlined in the Motiv8sports Policies.
  • Follow relevant local, state and national laws pertaining to working with children, including reportable conduct obligations and mandatory reporting requirements.
  • Be respectful of children’s rights, background, culture and beliefs as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Ensure adequate supervision of children as defined by the Education and Care National Laws and Regulations.
  • Safeguard children at all times and not place a child at risk of abuse, or condone behaviour of children which is unsafe.
  • Treat all children with respect and act in a way that does not show unfair differential treatment, or favour particular children to the exclusion of others.
  • Avoid one-on-one situations with children, by ensuring that there is always another staff member or other children present. If an unavoidable situation arises then communicate with other staff about the situation.
  • Always act in the best interest of children and avoid any unnecessary or potentially harmful physical contact with children, unless necessary for their safety and wellbeing. Physical contact is required on occasions, however Motiv8sports will not allow children to sit on laps, and will encourage children to carry out tasks of a personal nature (such as toileting and dressing) for themselves.
  • Be careful when participating in or supervising sports and games that the activity does not have the potential to cause harm or injury. This includes being mindful of the child’s age, development and any illness, injury or special needs that could place them at risk. Refer to the risk assessments for each sport.
  • Not physically punish a child, and ensure that any restraint of a child is only used for protecting the child or another person from physical harm, and conforms to industry and agency standards regarding the use of restraint with children.
  • Use appropriate language for the age and understanding of the child, and avoid confusing or age-inappropriate discussions with sexual, discriminatory or violent references.
  • Avoid any actions or words intended to threaten, intimidate, shame, humiliate, belittle, embarrass or degrade children.
  • Maintain professional and courteous relationships with children and their families which do not exploit or abuse position.
  • Wherever possible turn off personal communication devices and not use them whilst supervising children, unless previously approved or in an emergency situation.
  • Only photograph children appropriately for the circumstances and with the necessary consent of the child/ and his/her parents/guardians.
  • Not expose children to inappropriate imagery, including on age-inappropriate websites, for any reason.
  • Use social media appropriately and not engage in social networking with any children who have attended events under the age of 16 or their siblings.
  • Be aware of, and act on, any specific health issues with children in our care, particularly any medical and dietary specifications.
  • Give medication to children in accordance with the medication policy and as detailed by the Education and care National Laws and regulations.
  • Not attend work affected by illegal drugs or alcohol, consume them whilst at any event or supply them to children in my care.
  • Not attend work adversely affected by prescription medication which might cause harm to any children in my care.
  • Not smoke whilst on duty.
  • Declare all secondary work that involves children who attend Motiv8sports events (e.g. babysitting) and any out of work contact with children and their families met through the workplace.
  • Report any concerning staff conduct towards children or any suspected risk of harm to a child to the Camp Director or Head Office.
  • Ensure that any breaches of this code of conduct will be reported to the Camp Director or Head Office.