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Olympic Camp Sports Festival


Our super fun, super engaging school holiday camps are designed for kids from kindergarten to year six. These two-day events occur between the hours of 8.30am to 3.30pm. We design our SPORTS EVENTS for all abilities and focus on the energy and effort rather than a child’s SPORTING ABILITY.

Kids who attend Motiv8sports school holiday camps learn about teamwork and sportsmanship in an environment fuelled by GREAT LEADERSHIP and constant motivation. Our Motiv8sports campers are treated like superstars, just ask the kids who’ve been coming to our camps for close to 21 years!

What does a day at Motiv8sports look like?

When you arrive, you will be checked in at rego where you say goodbye to mum or dad, drop your bag off and run out to our ALL STARS field. Here you will participate in up to 12 fun & different events, earning tickets as you go which then go into our ALL STARS barrel giving you a chance to win some awesome prizes later on in the camp!

After this we come back into the hall, where we explain our rules & values (how bullying is the number one no-no and having a go is what it’s all about!) and you’ll then be broken up into your groups (with your friends in the same group of course) and teams. At the Olympics Camp we have

  • ITALY, and

After playing 2 different sports (we’ve taken sports the kids already know & tweaked the rules to ensure maximum participation & fun) they come back in for a drink & a bite to eat.


My four children just completed their first ever Motiv8sports Holiday Camp and what a blast they had. Motiv8 has captured the balance of competitiveness, teamwork, comradery, physical activity and energy, creating the perfet recipe for fun!

My kids have not stopped promoting this awesome school holiday experience. Motiv8 have locked in four campers for life!

Parent Testimonial


They then head out for their second rotation to play another 2 different sports before coming back into the hall for lunch.

The kids will then be entertained by the a COACHING CHALLENGE where the coaches compete in different range of crazy, fun & zany activities for points to go towards each of the kids teams, all while the kids scream & cheer them on!

After lunch they will go out engage in one of our large showdown events where much larger groups of kids work together to accrue points for their team across a number of physical challenges & mini activities.

And that’s just day 1!

Day 2 starts off in a similar way, with Rego & All Stars. We then nurture the campers creative side as they participate in Dance Offs guided by their coaches, to accrue more points for their team.

The day then is comprised of:

  • More sports
  • Drawing tickets out of the ALLSTAR barrel
  • Prize giveaways
  • Awarding ALLSTAR medals for the campers who have embodied the Motiv8 Values the most over the 2 days of the camp
  • Announce the winning team

If you want to create a memorable experience this school holidays then Motiv8sports is where it’s at!



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School Holiday Camps

Our super fun, super engaging multi-sport day camps are the heart and soul of the Motiv8sports system. These daytime events are designed for kids from kindergarten to year six. We design our sports events for all abilities and focus on the energy and effort rather than a child’s sporting ability.

Sports Camps
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Sports Clinics

Our sports clinics provide an opportunity for kids to take place in longer programs where they learn new skills and develop healthier lifestyle habits. Motiv8sports After School Sports Clinics are eight week events that take place on school grounds weekly from the conclusion of school.

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Sports Parties

The Motiv8sports sports party packages are out of this world – with most weekends selling out well in advance. No other sports party service offers the same level of energy and motivation as Motiv8sports. We offer three unique party packages: Super Sunday Sports Party, Private Parties & Club Sports Parties.

Sports Parties
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