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Motiv8sports for parents

Since 2001, Motiv8sports has been performing the most innovative and entertaining sports events on the planet for children who love sport and having fun. When a child experiences a Motiv8sports event for the first time they are taken to a sports dreamland where they are inspired to dream big and reach their full potential. Motivation is key to our success and the energy at our events is infectious. Children who attend our events experience variety and take part in a professionally planned schedule aimed at catering to a wide range of needs and abilities. Motiv8Sports is truly unique and miles ahead of other competitors. If you want the best, you won’t be disappointed!


be a part of our culture

If you want your child to be part of a culture that develops self-esteem, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership, look no further than Motiv8sports. We utilise sport, music, culture, dance, drama, food, digital and visual media to motivate children. Motiv8sports promotes a strong anti-bullying message, encouraging acceptance and inclusion in all we do.


age & ability

Most Motiv8sports Clinics are designed for children who are in primary school. No experience is needed, and ability is irrelevant at a Motiv8sports events. Children are rewarded for their effort and attitude rather than ability. When a parent makes the decision to send their child to a Motiv8sports event, they should know that duty of care is our number one priority.


behavior management

At Motiv8sports we can never predict how the dynamics of different groups will work. We are constantly observing for any forms of bullying, swearing or negative behaviour. It’s also important for parents to know that we have a simple / strict / fair / easy to understand set of rules for participants. Children are given a detailed explanation and fun demonstration of these rules and consequences at each clinic.

Frequently asked questions

With over 16 years of experience, we have been asked a huge number of questions. Please see below to find out more about the Motiv8sports experience. If you can’t see the answer you are looking for here, get in touch.

NO. All of our events are non-sleepover events. Although we refer to our holiday events as camps, most events occur between 8.30am and 3.30pm.

Absolutely! We are experts in our field and provide children with an environment we feel is just as if not safer than a typical day at school. Your child’s safety is our primary concern and we throw every resource available to make our venues safe, secure and rewarding for all children. If you are new to Motiv8sports then we encourage you to call your local Motiv8sports director and get a feel for how important your child’s safety and supervision is to them.

NO! Motiv8sports is designed to cater to children of all ability levels. At Motiv8sports every child has an opportunity to WIN, SUCCEED and have FUN regardless of ability.

We try and keep the ratio at Motiv8sports events to 1 coach for every 20 children. At most events, you will find that the number is even lower to allow for a maximum participation experience.

In most cases, we encourage children to buddy up with friends following a simple set of rules displayed on our events board. We do however encourage children to participate in some challenges with other children. At Motiv8sports we take great pride in developing resilience and encouraging children to meet other children in the camp environment.

When you book into a Motiv8sports event you will be emailed a Camper Information package. This information package will have everything you need to ensure your child is ready for an amazing experience.

The majority of Motiv8sports events go ahead rain, hail or shine. We encourage all of our Motiv8sports Franchisees to book venues with indoor facilities. Safety and wellbeing of children at our events is paramount and no child will be put in a situation that will endanger them. Although your local Motiv8sports franchisee will communicate event specific details, it is against Motiv8sports’ policy to perform events in dangerous conditions. At Motiv8sports we love working outdoors, however we understand certain weather conditions are out of our hands.

Our Motiv8sports franchisee directors complete extensive training with Motiv8sports Australia. Our coaching team also go through Motiv8sports training in behavior management, safety, first aid and a variety of other useful components. All of our staff have also completed their working with children check. It is compulsory to have at least one first aid trained Motiv8sports member on site at all times. There is a long list of requirements needed to become a Motiv8sports coach and most of our staff are made up of P.E teachers, primary school teachers, university students and members of our Coaching Academy. Please visit your local Motiv8sports franchisee to meet your team.

Absolutely and it is rather common to have children with medical conditions at our events. When you complete your registration there is a form to complete and prior to the event your local Motiv8sports Director will contact you to discuss a range of solutions and questions.

All children who register for Camps & Clinics are required to purchase a Motiv8sports membership jersey. This jersey is not compulsory for children who attend birthday parties, tournaments or in-school events.

Motiv8sports is unlike any other sports provider in Australia. Although your child will see similarities in sports we do with sports they already know. We have designed our own amazing HYBRID SPORTS, SUPER SHOWDOWN CHALLENGES, TEAM FACE-OFFS, SPLASH CITY CHALLENGES and a long list of other team based activities. Over 16 years we have invented our own amazing program that is unique to Motiv8sports. This is why #NOONEDOESITLIKEMOTIV8SPORTS and at present we have over 60 trademarked sports and challenges unique to Motiv8sports.

At all Motiv8sports events we promote sun safety and throughout the event we will give children constant reminders about HATS, SUNSCREEN & SPORTS DRINK BOTTLES. Due to legal reasons we cannot actually apply the sunscreen for your child but we definitely have sunscreen available at all of our events and provide children with plenty of reminders.

NO! All of our sports are heavily modified and do not involve contact like tackling. It is important to note that collisions and accidents can occur in all sports including walking. At Motiv8sports our staff are trained to make each and every sport safe for all participants.

Yes. It is compulsory to have at least 1 x first aid trained Motiv8sports member on site at all times, although there are usually several. Most of our coaches require first aid certificates for the regular roles.

Most of our Motiv8sports locations will run a basic canteen selling healthy options. This information will be in your Info pack emailed to you when you sign up for an event.

At all Motiv8sports events we strive to create an environment fueled by positivity, respect, teamwork, sportsmanship and treating others the way you expect to be treated. We talk to all of our participants about effective communication and talking to their Coach if a fellow participant is being mean to them. If a child breaks the rules displayed on our RULES BOARD then it is likely they will be sent home or spoken to by the event Director. We encourage all parents to communicate concerns to the Event Director.

All Motiv8sports payments are completed online or electronically by invoice.

All event packages will include your event director’s mobile number. We encourage you to save this in your phone for emergency situations like this. Please understand that all of our Motiv8sports locations charge an hourly rate for late pick up if you are later than 15minutes. This fee will pay for extra staff wages. In the event that the venue charge extra fees this would be passed onto the above mentioned parent.

Yes. We obtain several contact numbers during the registration process to ensure we can contact you in the unlikely event there is an issue involving your child.

Yes. All of our staff have completed their working with children check. There is a long list of requirements needed to become a Motiv8sports coach and most of our staff are made up of P.E teachers, primary school teachers, university students and members of our Coaching Academy. Please visit your local Motiv8sports Franchisee to meet your team.

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