TERM 4 THURSDAY: Dee Why Public School – 6 Week Summer Slam Sports Clinic

October 19, 2023 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm November 23, 2023
Dee Why


Motiv8sports is coming to Dee Why Public every Thursday for 6 weeks


Join the Motiv8sports Coaching Crew on Thursday afternoons at Dee Why Public in Term 4 for 6 weeks. Each Thursday afternoon we will arrive on school grounds to set up an amazing afternoon of sport. As soon as the school bell sounds our team will be waiting with a high-5, big smile and fully planned afternoon of entertainment. This 6 Week Active Kids Clinic is specifically designed for the students of Dee Why Public.


Our after school Super Sports Clinic is all about fun, friends, fitness, participation & teamwork. Students who attend experience sport at it’s best, participating in a variety of team sports over 6- weeks. We design our sports for all abilities and focus on the energy and effort rather than a child’s sporting ability. Children who attend Motiv8sports Clinics experience teamwork & sportsmanship in an environment fuelled by great leadership and constant motivation.


Motiv8sports is inclusive and caters to all ability levels. Our 6-week program is extremely affordable and allows students who might not participate in weekend sport the opportunity to be part of a team.


Our team of coaches will provide plenty of incentives for our participants who just want to have FUN. We use sport as a tool to grow confidence, self-esteem, resilience, determination, and fitness. As a coaching team we have completed our first aid training, working with children checks, undertake constant training and most importantly we love coaching kids. We look forward to motiv8ing the Dee Why Public students in Term 4.


STEP 1: LOGIN to your account or CREATE AN ACCOUNT


STEP 3: Complete the rego & pay online

STEP 4: 1-week prior to the event commencing Motiv8sports will email an event information pack

STEP 5: At week 1 of clinic you will be made to feel welcome by the Motiv8sports coaching crew

STEP 6: Enjoy 6-weeks of amazing activities!

My kids participated in the recent after school clinic and absolutely loved it. Wednesday quickly became their favorite day of the week with so much chatter at the dinner table! Jane.N


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October 19 @ 3:00pm


November 23 @ 4:30pm



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Dee Why Public School

Regent St, Dee Why, NSW 2099