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Blue Mountains Sports Events


At Motiv8sports Blue Mountains, we aim to instill a passion for sports in children while teaching them about teamwork and sportsmanship in safe and enjoyable environments. We offer excellent party packages, school programs, and undoubtedly the most exciting sports camps for kids on the planet.


Our team of amazing coaches are handpicked for their love of sports and use their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to inspire the next generation. We conduct Working with Children checks on all of our coaches to ensure their suitability.

Our events are designed to encourage children to participate, where every child is treated like a superstar, and no one is left on the sidelines. Visit our events page to find an event near you and get your child involved in the fun.


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School Holiday Camps

Our super fun, super engaging multi-sport day camps in the Hills District are the heart and soul of the Motiv8sports system. These daytime events are designed for kids from kindergarten to year six. We design our sports events for all abilities and focus on the energy and effort rather than a child’s sporting ability.

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Sports Clinics

Our sports clinics in the Hills District provide an opportunity for kids to take place in longer programs where they learn new skills and develop healthier lifestyle habits. Motiv8sports After School Sports Clinics are eight week events that take place on school grounds weekly from the conclusion of school.

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Sports Parties

The Motiv8sports sports party packages in the Hills District are out of this world – with most weekends selling out well in advance. No other sports party service offers the same level of energy and motivation as Motiv8sports. We offer three unique party packages: Super Sunday Sports Party, Private Parties & Club Sports Parties.

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